Honey, I’m Home! Local Husband And Wife Team Have Taken A Family Recipe And Turned It Into Award Winning Vodka Label, Vintage Distilling.

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Market analysis has proven time and time again the key to a successful brand in an otherwise over saturated market is authenticity. When LA Weekly sat down with husband and wife duo, Erik and Silvija Dudor there was one thing that was crystal clear, making vodka was in their blood. “We were making this product for years, and it all started with my parents and grandparents, who were making their own versions,” says Erik Dudor, founder of Vintage Distilling. `For Erik, it was about taking inspiration from the traditional Lithuanian family recipe of Krupnikas and elevating it – making it modern and premium quality.

In 2017 with the steady growth of breweries and open markets, Vintage Distilling found their niche and started creating the buzz with their company’s signature product: Honey Vodka. Before their success, the couple encountered challenges but that didn’t stifle their determination as they could see where the business could go. 

“It was a long journey, from finding the right location to navigating permits and licenses, the business was years in the making. Not only that, by the time we started, Covid hit.” Says Erik.

Vintage Distilling met the obstacles of Covid – 19 like so many companies. But, even with the drawbacks they were determined to create their own distinct brand. They were fortunate enough to be able to relaunch the brand last yearin 2022. Erik tells the Los Angeles Inquisitor, “It was a blessing and a curse at the same point. But at the end of the day, we came out of COVID alright and things seem to be rolling in the right direction right now.”

Like the rest of us, the couple strives to balance the line between running the company and family life. Erik says, “We work around the clock for Vintage Distilling… we don’t have any employees at the moment, so everything falls on our shoulders… making it, bottling, selling, deliveries, marketing, social media, events etc.  and we manage to do all that while raising our two toddlers, life is crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Vintage Distilling has 2 offerings, a classic vodka which is silky smooth but the star of the show is definitely the award winning honey vodka. Their company was awarded multiple accolades by the Wine Enthusiast, SIP awards and the San Francisco International Spirits Competition. The Honey Vodka is made from natural honey and without additives. Vintage Distilling created a sweet kick to the tastebuds that offsets what you would expect from a traditional vodka. 

“It’s the honey that’s coming through, and it’s defining how the vodka tastes, “ saysSilvija. From the beginning, Vintage Distilling’s hassourced their honey from Sue Bee Honey ( Sioux Honey Co-op)  for their products. “ We stick with them because we know that we’re going to get a consistent product ,” says Silvija.

Erik and Silvija Dudor know the key to success is giving back to their community. One such partnership is with the Bee Kind Foundation. The non-profit organization seeks to educate communities and inspire beekeepers in ways to protect honeybees for the future.

A family that plays together, stays together. LA Weekly is proud to highlight local grown businesses that support our community. We know you will too once you try it. Visit their website at www.vintagedistilling.com or visit their social media at www.instagram.com/vintagedistilling

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