Jared Padalecki Recalls a Gilmore Girls Scene That Felt Like a Nightmare

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Oy with the poodles already! In an interview on March 9, Jared Padalecki recalled shooting an episode of Gilmore Girls that still haunts him. See what he had to say here!

A Blast From Interviews Past: "Gilmore Girls"

Sounds like Jared Padalecki could have used a hot cup of coffee from Luke's Diner! 

It's been 15 years since Padalecki starred as Dean Forester in Gilmore Girls, but this scary moment is still engrained in his memory. In an interview on March 9, Padalecki revealed a "nightmare" experience he had while filming an episode of the dramedy. 

"I didn't shoot every day on Gilmore Girls, and on this particular week, I wasn't needed on set until Friday," the 39-year-old actor told the Chicago Tribune. On Monday night, he went out with some friends and stayed out until "three or four in the morning."

But to Padalecki's surprise, he got called into set the following day. "I think what happened was, Lauren Graham got sick and the scene that she was supposed to film on Tuesday had to be moved," he recounted. "So they had to film something else," and that something else turned out to be his character Dean's wedding day to Lindsay [Arielle Kebbel].

"I had 20 missed calls and text messages," Padalecki recalled. "I shot out of bed, had a cup of coffee and a water, jumped in the shower and then drove over to Warner Bros. I was probably two hours later than they were hoping and I didn't have the scene prepared, but I knew the basics of what was going on."

"Luckily I didn't really have many lines at first," he continued "it was just us coming out of the chapel. But I ended up having other scenes later that did have dialogue, so at least I had time in the morning where I was in hair and makeup to learn those."


Padalecki compares the experience to a very bad waking dream.

"It was basically the feeling of that nightmare where you're naked at school," he recalled. "Except unlike being naked at school, this was naked at school and there are cameras everywhere and it will be on film for all time. So now, these days, I'm known for my over-preparation. If there's any scene in the episode we're shooting, I know it backward and forward, because I don't want to have that feeling again."

How are we feeling after hearing this news?" As Luke would say, "I'm fine. I'm great. It's a big fat happy sunshine day for me."

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