See Zac Efron Get Down and Dirty in Greatest Beer Run Ever First Look

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Zac Efron debuted a rugged look for his upcoming film project, The Greatest Beer Run Ever. See the actor in his filthy new role.

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Zac Efron cleans up nice.. but he also knows how to get dirty.

In a new first look at the upcoming Apple Original film The Greatest Beer Run Ever, Zac debuts a rugged look. The actor is seen sporting a thick mustache, a button-up plaid shirt, and a fair amount of dirt on his face and body.

According to Apple Original Films, the new movie is set to release in 2022. Directed by Peter Farrelly, the dramedy starring Zac and Russell Crowe is based on the true story of John "Chickie" Donohue, who in 1968 left New York for Vietnam to track down and have a few beers with his childhood buddies who were fighting in the Army.

While the unkempt look is a far cry from his High School Musical days, getting a little dirt on his sleeves seems to be Zac's latest creative pattern.

On Jan. 31, he took to Instagram to celebrate another project, Gold. According to the film's website, the rugged thriller, which premieres March 11, centers on two wanderers, played by Zac and Anthony Hayes, who also directs, as they come across the largest gold nugget they have ever witnessed in the dessert.

In a montage video shared to Zac's Instagram, the actor sports a worn-down and dust-covered look for the film. During his Instagram video, he reflected on filming in the dessert in South Australia during the summer.


"I've never been anywhere quite like it to be honest," Zac said. "Very desolate and dry and very harsh conditions," adding, "We had dust storms, massive, massive dust storms that luckily found their way into the movie. We filmed through some of the gnarliest conditions I've ever witnessed in my life."

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