The Fascinating Journey of a Young Entrepreneur Eric Preciado-Nunez

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Eric Preciado-Nunez is creating his dream life around sharing his talents with successful celebrities and business people. Just a few years back, he was a surgical technologist. But in 2017, a big idea struck his mind to create an enterprise of his own. That moment paved Eric’s way into the fascinating world of entrepreneurship.

As a successful surgical technologist in San Diego, Eric performed thousands of successful surgical cases and started investing his earnings into himself. He realized the value of investing in himself first which helped him build his business empires. Eric is a visionary who takes relentless actions to get what he wants. Inspired by the thoughts and ideas of Deepak Chopra, Jim Rohn, T Harv Eker, Napoleon Hill, and others.

Once he sought and obtained a strategic partnership with BJ Klock, CEO of Advisight, the rest was history. Both Eric and BJ Klock are revolutionizing the industry of brand marketing. The duo encourages the innovative approach of their staff at Advisight. The firm has won several awards for its breakthrough service, media research, and neuroscience insights.

Eric Preciado-Nunez and BJ Klock are highly passionate about their work. They follow market-driven result-oriented business strategies to aid their members in accomplishing their business goals. Eric and BJ Klock’s expertise and specialized skills will continue to create a better life for many people.

Right now, Advisight is proven with excellent credibility and a strong global network. The company now has several billionaires and celebrities on its clientele list.

“Initially, I was facing huge criticism about leaping into entrepreneurship as I was already gainfully employed at that time. But I knew what my heart wanted, and the decision has now changed my fortune and life forever. As an entrepreneur, I have faced a lot of problems, but I’ve always embraced them and they’ve built me into the person I am today.” Eric said.

Both Eric and BJ Klock have faced their share of hardships related to entrepreneurship and bringing new solutions to market. They overcome all by simply focusing on their members’ results and consistently innovating their services.

Being a multi-talented person, it’s important you schedule a time to connect with Eric Preciado-Nunez and Advisight in order to get your opportunity to work with him moving forward.

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