This Love Is Blind Editing Error Has Fans Questioning Reality

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Mallory and Sal's at-home date on Love Is Blind caused some confusion for fans, who pointed out that their stir fry magically appears, disappears and reappears in that matter of a minute.

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Love Is Blind may have a few magic tricks up its sleeve.

In episode eight of the dating show's second season, there seemed to be an editing mishap that TikTok user @straightouttaperu pointed out. In the scene, Sal Perez made shrimp stir fry for a date with fiancée Mallory Zapata. As they sat together at the table with drinks and plates piled with food, the user noticed that the amount of stir fry on their plates changes mid-way through their intense conversation.

The user narrated over the video, saying, "Her's is kinda half empty, but just wait."

As Mallory discussed where they stand in their relationship, the TikToker points to the plates as the shot cuts to a new angle. "Gone!" the fan explained. "Gone! His food is gone."

As the conversation continues, the plates vary in food amounts. In a split second, the food is there, then gone, then there again. "That was one fluid conversation," the TikToker said. "How did that even just happen?"

The user wrote, "Im convinced this whole show is cut up clips."

Fans speculated that the Love is Blind editors reviewed the footage from the date and strung together bits of the stars' convo from throughout the dinner. However, the food was perhaps not taken into consideration in the process condensing a long conversation into just a few minutes.

Fans in the comments were just as shocked. One wrote that the scene appeared to be "not real at all," while another said, "They think we're the blind ones." Another user offered another possible explanation by saying, "Maybe he got a 2nd plate."

On the other hand, it seems Netflix is pretty good at maintaining continuity when it comes to the drinks onscreen.

Love Is Blind is known for their signature gold cups. Total Divas star Carmella, whose real name is Leah Van Daletweeted on Feb. 18, asking, "Can someone please tell me what is up with all of the gold wine glasses EVERYWHERE on #LoveIsBlind??"

User @SocialMia added to the conversation with the probable reason: "Seeing so many posts on #LoveIsBlind gold wine glasses. It just simply helps with editing/ the continuity of the scene. You can't see how much is left in the glass! Gotta love reality tv!!"

While Love Is Blind took wine glasses into consideration when editing the show to uphold its enchantment, Sal's stir fry may have exposed the reality of reality TV.

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