YouTuber David Dobrik Shares His "Biggest Regret" Following Jeff Wittek Accident

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In a new podcast interview, David Dobrik addressed Jeff Wittek’s near-fatal accident. “I would f--king do anything to take that day back,” he said.

YouTuber Jeff Wittek Claims David Dobrik Caused Near-Fatal Accident

David Dobrik is ready to address his falling out with a fellow YouTube star.

Last month, Jeff Wittek spoke out about why he was "done" being "fake friends" with the online creator as he recovered from a near-fatal accident. This week, David addressed the issue on his VIEWS video podcast.

"The Jeff thing is the f--king worst. That day is like, the worst, the worst thing that's ever happened to me and I wish I would f--king do anything to take that day back and be like, I wish it was me up there," David shared on the March 8 episode. "And it's a s--tty, it's an accident. That's what it was. It's an accident."

Back in June 2020, Jeff suffered serious injuries to his face after getting into an accident while making a video with a group of vloggers. At one point in the shoot, the group decided to place an excavator vehicle in a lake and swing people around from a rope.

According to Jeff, David was driving the excavator when it was his turn to participate. What came next was an accident he won't forget.

"I didn't know I was going to go that fast so I grabbed the f--king rope and I tried to make a goddamn funny video for people but this is where I made a mistake," Jeff said in a YouTube series called Don't Try This At Home. "I forgot the biggest f--king idiot I know was driving it."

In his new interview, David said "I was never up there driving that thing wanting to hurt him."

But on his Jeff FM podcast last month, Jeff said, regarding David, "I've been protecting this guy for so long and there's so much to this story than just him not texting me for a week after I had such a drastic surgery where I could've been blind."

On his most recent podcast, David shared his theory as to why Jeff is really upset at him.

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"I think one of the main reasons Jeff is bummed with me right now is because he saw me do an interview where I said something that I promised him I'd keep between us," David said. "He's pissed that I broke a promise. He's like, ‘Can you promise me one thing? Can you just promise that no one ever knows that this was my idea?'" 

Jeff has not publicly commented on David's latest remarks. E! News has reached out to his rep and has not heard back.

"At the end of the day, I was the one f--king driving it. It was my video," David continued. "He got hurt because I was driving. That's it and I f--king know that and like I said, any chance I would get, I would take that back…That'll be the biggest regret of my life. My entire life. I really hope there's not a moment that I regret as much as that one."

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